Seventeen days after the alleged sexual assault and murder of two-year-old Kelsey Smith-Briggs, her father, Lance Briggs filed to be executor of her "estate." Multi-million dollar lawsuits soon followed.


Kelsey's step-father, Mike Porter was arrested and charged with first degree murder (the sexual assault charge was added after a second autopsy confirmed "forcible sexual assault"). Mike Porter's million dollar bond was reduced to $250,000 and he bonded out of jail and joined the Briggs' Web site. In private emails he plotted with the Briggs to get Raye Dawn charged "with something." If she was charged and convicted in connection with Kelsey's death, she would not share in any proceeds from the lawsuits.


Rallies were held; picketers paraded in front of the courthouse; letters were sent to the judges and district attorney; "No plea for the blonde bombshell" was written on picket signs.


In February of 2006 Raye Dawn was charged with enabling the abuse of her child, though the evidence did not support the charge.


On February 2, 2007, Mike Porter accepted a 30-year plea for enabling child abuse--ten times the state's average. The report on his computers had been completed on January 29, 2007.


Kelsey's father settled the 15 million dollar lawsuit against the state for a mere $625,000. Raye is in prison for 27 years with no parole because she "should have known" that Mike Porter would rape and murder her child.


On 3-5-2006 Kathie Briggs said: "Our DA has already stated on camera his case against Mike Porter is strong."
 After Mike's plea a paper quoted: "If it wasn't for the Briggs family's desire to accept the agreement, Smothermon said he would have taken this case to trial."
Kathie Briggs stated 3-5-2006: "We heard another rumor today that a deal could be made for the mother. This is not justice for Kelsey if that happens..."



Bullied into Prison

Raye Dawn Smith
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