Case Summary




  • Raye Dawn Smith and Kelsey Smith-Briggs Raye Dawn Smith and Kelsey Smith-Briggs
  • Lance Briggs Lance Briggs - Kelsey's father
  • Michael Lee Porter Mike Porter, Kelsey's step-father
  • Gayla Ray Kelsey Smith Gayla, Kelsey, and Ray Smith - Kelsey's maternal grandparents
  • Kathie Briggs Kathie Briggs - Kelsey's paternal grandmother and Raye's ex-mother-in-law
  • Jeanna Randy Fowler Randy Fowler - Raye's cousin - and Jeanna Fowler - Kathie Briggs's daughter
  • Shirica Howard Shirica Howard - Kathie Briggs's daughter who emailed Mike Porter along with Kathie Briggs and Jeanna Fowler
  • Richard Smothermon Richard Smothermon - District attorney who folded under political pressure from the Briggs to charge Raye "with something"
  • Oklahoma Juror Michelle Reeves - Juror who sat through Raye's trial wrapped up in a NASCAR blanket and joined the Briggs' Web site