Kelsey Smith Briggs


Following are emails between Mike Porter and Kathie Briggs and her daughters, Shirica and Jeanna. In the first emails, Mike Porter pretended to be his sister, but Shirica has stated that it was Mike Porter communicating with her all along.

One hour after the announcement that the emails were going public, Kelsey's Purpose's forum shut down. It showed this message and briefly showed a message that it had been hacked. "Kelsey's Purpose This bulletin board is currently closed. The Administrator has specified the reason as to why below. The forums are down temporarily for maintenance. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!!!"

It shut down right after Shirica announced that the emails were what help put Mike Porter in prison and that her family just lured and used him for information. As you read through the emails, you'll see who used who.

Shirica made a family statement on the evening of January 8th, 2008, when her family's site came back up.  She stated, "The intent of the emails were to lure him out by trying to gain his confidence and trust and then using that to gain some kind of understanding into the mind of this murderer."

That both says they felt and feel MP is the murderer.

January 8, 2008 Kathie said, "Raye's actions since at the trial and since has made me lean towards her. She is the one I originally thought killed Kelsey and now I am back to that thought."
After the trial, Raye Dawn was taken directly into custody. Her ONE and ONLY action was to turn to Kathie and say, "Kathie, I forgive you." Kathie has not seen or heard from Raye Dawn since then. Raye Dawn knew who put her in jail. She knew why she was sentenced to 27 years for enabling. It wasn't for a crime, it was from the hate Kathie has for Raye Dawn. Raye Dawn forgave Kathie and Kathie said, "Take her away" when interviewed moments after Raye Dawn's statement. Kathie was visibly upset that she was forgiven. Her statement of how Raye Dawn's actions lead her to now believing that Raye Dawn murdered her child is ludicrous!
Lance said in an interview that he hates Raye Dawn. He said, "I hope they put pictures of Kelsey all over the prison and she's beaten every day. I hope prison is hell for Raye Dawn." Why so much hate for the mother of Kelsey and none for the man who murdered her, as Shirica and Kathie both admitted.

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This post was made seven months AFTER the Briggs started communicating with Mike Porter, after Kathie offered Mike rides, after Kathie and her daughters helped Mike in his defense and after Mike Porter BOUGHT his plea.

If you're new to the case, you may want to read the emails with notes written by a few Raye Dawn supporters at emails page 1.

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