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1. Let's start with Kathie's email first because that one statement she makes disturbs me more than most everything else in these emails. She stated, "I enjoyed our visit. I know it wasn't easy for you." How can you possibly "enjoy" a "visit" with the man who murdered your grandchild? How could someone use that word and call it a "visit"? That is VERY disturbing to me!

2. Why weren't her trust issues flaring with Mike Porter instead of the DA?

3. We've had a member or two join our forum who work at BancFirst. Wonder if they're more of Mike's spies and I wonder how a woman could want to associate with a man who had "filth" on his computer, as Kathie stated.

4. Mike said, "but it will help the case against Raye Dawn." They clearly met and discussed doing everything they could to build a case against Raye Dawn. Again, this is clear tampering on Kathie's part.




1. Mike said if Kathie had access to the osbi report she would be puking. I'm assuming he's referring to his. Kathie has posted the osbi interview with Raye Dawn and we've posted it on our forum (I haven't yet checked it for accuracy) and there is nothing in there but a mom clearly concerned about what happened to her daughter. She asked questions of the investigator and she was clearly trying to piece together what happened to Kelsey. We will post Mike's interview soon and he 1) refused a lie detector test, 2) evaded questions, 3) repeated over and over that Raye Dawn was a good mom.

2. Mike is begging both Jeanna and Kathie to keep an open mind. He knows his goose is cooked and he wants to keep them on his side.




1. I'll start with Kathie's email. She is determined to get a copy of Raye Dawn's OSBI report but doesn't ask to see Mike's. Why not?

2. Things weren't adding up because they were listening to a murderer. And why was she so worried about his defense?

3. He obviously avoided her questions yet she told him, "If you're not comfortable telling me that is okay." I thought she was using him for information. Here we see the start of her pushing for him to not answer certain questions because as she says later, she doesn't want to hurt his defense.

4. She said her thought was that Raye Dawn wasn't alone in this. Of course she didn't have any clue what Mike was doing to her child, yet Kathie wanted to focus on Gayla and other Smith family members instead of ensuring Mike paid. Why?

5. In Judge Key's book, The Deadly Game of Tug of War: The Kelsey Smith-Briggs Story he clearly disputes this claim. This was something that Lance's girlfriend cooked up and Mike was using it to bait Kathie.

6. Again, she's stalking not only Raye Dawn but the house as well. She knew exactly who was where and what was going on at all times. Mike Porter is the one who stayed at the house after Kelsey died. Raye Dawn only returned there to move out her things. If any evidence was removed or burned it was Mike who did it, not Raye Dawn.

7. Mike's pushing for another meeting because he had time to develop his story and he was now ready to answer Kathie's questions and questions to the DA based on information that he was provided by Kathie, Jeanna, and Shirica regarding the investigation.

8. Why would Jeanna apologize to the man who murdered her niece?

9. Mike played on Kathie's love for her grandchild and stated that Raye Dawn didn't love Kelsey but he did. How sick! We know what kind of "love" Mike had for that baby and it was perverted!

10. The part where Mike writes in all caps is just a cry for his attempt of escaping a charge for murder. Oh yeah, I guess it worked huh?

11. I'm not even going to comment on the rest of Mike's email because there is not a shred of truth in it and it's a waste of my time and energy to argue the lunatic ranting and ravings of a man who is an "evil monster" as Kathie finally admitted.



1. Starting with Kathie's email - Kathie stated on her forum, "I am no longer obsessed with Raye Dawn. She's in prison." It's nice that she finally admitted her obsession. It's obvious at the start of this email that her obsession includes Gayla as well. She stalked Raye Dawn and Gayla.

2. Kathie and Mike worked together to drum up "witnesses" to put Raye Dawn away. Kathie conspired with the murderer; a man she refers to as an "evil monster" to ensure Raye Dawn didn't "walk." Why was she so concerned with Raye Dawn? Why didn't she turn that hate to Mike?

3. Kathie was searching for answers that only Mike had. If she had taken her focus off of conspiring against Raye Dawn maybe she could have seen through Mike's manipulation.

4. Mike knew the answers were there and they pointed to him. Why else would he be desperate to keep his charade going with Kathie?

5. Mike is planting a seed in Kathie's head that Raye Dawn abused Kelsey and lied to cover for herself. Raye Dawn was a good mother (Kathie's words) before Mike entered the picture. Why would she suddenly turn on her own child? Makes no sense.

6. I've heard on many occasions from Kathie's supporters that the Smiths lied. Each and every single time I've asked for a single instance of a lie they give me nothing. This is where that thought process started. Mike (the man who sexually assaulted a two year old girl and murdered her) said that Raye Dawn lied so it must be true, right?

7. I think since Raye Dawn was charged that EVERYONE should have been charged. Kathie's list of charges would have been 1) child neglect, 2) stalking, 3) harassment, 4) false reports of child abuse, 5) false police reports, 6) tampering with an ongoing investigation, 7) hindering an ongoing investigation, 8) conspiring with a murder suspect, 9) perjury, and 10) conspiracy.

8. Mike's daughter who was eight years old when Kelsey was murdered told a school counselor right after the murder that Mike abused Kelsey and hit her head against a wall when nobody else was home. Why would Raye Dawn be guilty of failure to protect? If Raye Dawn didn't know the real reason for any of Kelsey's injuries it's because she was repeating the lies that Mike told her. Mike and Raye Dawn were only married for six months. Kelsey only lived with them for four months. It wasn't until the week before Kelsey died that Raye Dawn began to realize that Mike was a dishonest and hateful person but she NEVER thought he'd harm her child. He was a perfect father by all appearances to his two children so she never thought she'd have to worry about her own.

9. Mike is absolutely right that Smothermon prosecuted an innocent person. Raye Dawn does not belong in prison and Mike should have gotten life.


Approximately three to four months after Kelsey was murdered the OSBI seized Mike Porter's computer from his home. On it they found child porn. Kathie described the child porn as "sick enough to make you vomit." What's interesting is that Kathie has never mentioned the child porn on her forum until this last week of January, 2008. Our forum has discussed the child porn and what it could have included because we just know child porn was on there, we don't know if it was video or pictures or how twisted it was. But Kathie kept that hidden. Why?

The timeline of the OSBI finding the child porn and Kathie turning cold in her emails seems to fit. I've tried to piece together why Kathie would suddenly grow cold with Mike and I realized that her tone turned frosty around the time of the seizure of his computer. I'm not sure if that's the reason, but it fits.

I'd like to add that Raye Dawn had no idea of the child porn being on Mike's computer until the summer of 2007. She was devastated when she found out and all she could say was "His computer was kept in Kelsey's room." Why wasn't Raye Dawn told of the child porn? Why have the Briggs purposely avoided telling the public about it? Was that part of their plan to point the finger at Raye Dawn?


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