Kelsey Smith Briggs

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1. Starting with Kathie's email - Kathie begins to turn cold to Mike or this is her way of getting him to talk. I'm not sure which is the case.

2. Kathie testified in Raye Dawn's trial that she never asked about what happened to Kelsey in her communication with Mike and that she only asked about information for the civil suits. Right here we see that is a lie.

3. Kathie finally started to wise up and realize it was wrong of her to obstruct justice by giving Mike Porter information about the investigation and to conspire against Raye Dawn. Yet she continued to communicate with him and spoke of not wanting to hurt his defense. I have just one question for you Kathie - Why were you so worried about Mike Porter's defense and you never thought for a second in any of the things you've done about Raye Dawn's defense? Does anyone else see a problem with that? I see a huge problem!

4. What "things" are Mike Porter thanking Kathie for? Hmmm.....

5. Notice the time on this email. It was at 8:54pm. The next email from Mike was at 3:33am the next morning. He was a desperate, desperate man and he knew that Kathie was his ticket to a plea and he was right!



1. Mike wrote this email five hours after his first desperate plea. It's clear that he was still up thinking of what he was going to say to her. He needed Kathie to go to bat for him. He's a smart guy and knew how to manipulate and lie his way out of trouble and he's good at it...obviously. In this email he throws out several desperate attempts to make Kathie turn her hatred toward other people. Why did Kathie believe anything he had to say? Did Kathie think she was smarter than the DA and the OSBI and that Mike was innocent and Raye Dawn was guilty? Mike's manipulation obviously worked because Kathie has hunted Raye Dawn as if she were her prey. She led an assault on Judge Key and used Kelsey's death to replace him on the bench with an unqualified judge who was caught around the age of 30 shoplifting at the Shawnee Mall. This is the same judge who called Kathie "white trash" during Kelsey's custody battle. Kathie has gone full force against EVERYONE who ever blinked in her direction, yet she's spared Mike from any assaults. WHY?



1. This email was 20 days after the previous email and notice it says "RE: Good Luck this week." That usually means it's a reply from an email sent. As many times as they emailed back and forth and often multiple times a day I find it hard to believe they went 20 days without an email. Unless my theory on the child porn is correct. If so, why did the Briggs go after Raye Dawn and make such negative comments after her preliminary hearing, etc. and say very little after Mike's?



1. In this email Kathie speaks of bringing people down and starts throwing out hints of a deal for Mike.

2. Mike jumped on the chance of a deal but only if Kathie hands over the information she has as well. Hmmm....


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