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Mike Porter is obviously a master manipulator! He lied to his own daughter. Whitney was with Raye Dawn when they pulled up and Kelsey was being passed from one emergency worker to the other. Whitney is the one who told her school counselor after Kelsey's death that her dad abused Kelsey and hit Kelsey's head against the wall when Raye Dawn wasn't home.

Whitney saw more than any child should see - My question is why, if Mike was suspected of sexual assault and murder of his step-daughter would he be putting his daughter to bed?



More butt kissing to ensure his plea deal - A plea deal that is not public record and the DA refuses to release to the Smith family. Why?? You'll see soon that it's obvious the deal was bought and paid for by the man who murdered and sexually assaulted Kelsey.



Kathie announced that the billboard had been paid for by an anonymous donor! Meet the one who "didn't want to attract attention to himself." Money was no object for his plea you'll soon see!



Number 43 on the set! The Briggs sent the man who sexually assaulted and murdered Kelsey a "set" of pictures of the child. At least 43 pictures to a man who had child porn on his computer!

Notice where he said, "If God chooses to give me a second chance at life"? He was squirming in his manipulation to try and get a deal. What part of sending at least 43 pictures to the murderer and allowing him to DESIGN and PURCHASE a billboard with the child's picture on it is luring him out and using him for information?? This is just sick!

FYI - The picture they ended up using is a Glamour Shot photo that Raye Dawn had made with feathers around Kelsey's face and they've also used some from the same set where Kelsey was wearing a floor length gown. Raye Dawn had the photos made and didn't have the money to buy them all. After Kelsey's death the billboard went up with the photo and when Raye Dawn called Glamour Shots she was told that the Briggs had called them and told them about Kelsey's death, etc. and Glamour Shots felt sorry for them and sent THEM the CD. They sent Raye Dawn one after they realized that they had been lied to and Raye Dawn was the one who had the pictures made.

He also enjoyed his interesting banter with Kathie...just a few months after Kelsey's death!



I wonder what they were saying that Jeanna had to step in and try to get them under control. This is another obvious disregard of the gag order and Raye Dawn's right to a fair trial. The Briggs were obviously working with Mike Porter to put Raye Dawn in jail, no matter what it took to get her there. The DA had these emails in hand when Raye Dawn went to trial. The DA couldn't have possibly missed the conspiracy. Yet when Raye Dawn mentioned the conspiracy she was laughed at...who's laughing now? I don't think the authors of these emails are.

Debbie, you turned your son against his paternal family. You've shunned a family who made you part of their clan for decades, for what? Your daughter-in-law doesn't speak very highly of you, does she?

Kelsey's Purpose supporters, how does it feel to be referred to as obsessed freaks? Now you're really learning the truth, aren't you??



The Briggs were so desperate that they called in a psychic?

Mike Porter acted like he had no idea of what they were talking about with the handprint, now he had to give a sample. Is that what took him down? The handprint obviously didn't match Raye Dawn's because she wasn't charged with it.

Again, Mike had been warned about the handprint by the Briggs. Why were they not charged with tampering with a suspect and the evidence in this case? Why??

Carla Lynch told Raye Dawn to go "F herself" according to Mike Porter. I wonder if Carla ever asks why Shirica won't wait on her at the insurance agency. Could be that Shirica avoids her because according to Shirica, "She's not the smartest hen in the house." It's interesting what the Briggs say to complete strangers in emails behind the backs of those they're just "using for information."



Notice that Mike asked about the meeting with the DA. Who was using whom for information?

Notice also that the first question asked of Mike from Kathie was for dirt on Raye Dawn's mom, Gayla. Kathie was never satisfied with putting Raye Dawn in jail, she wanted Gayla too. It's sad because Kelsey was happy, loved, healthy, and cared for while in Gayla's care. Kelsey thrived with Gayla and started to grow back the hair and some of the weight she had lost while at Kathie's. So why Kathie's hatred for Gayla? It makes no sense to me!



Mike's desperation really starts to show in this email after Shirica shared with him what the DA was doing. It sounds as if Mike was making anonymous tips and he's angry that the DA wasn't following his tips. Mike met with OSBI at the same time that Raye Dawn did. Raye Dawn said, "Bring it on" when they wanted her to take a lie detector test. They didn't give her one because of her pregnancy. However, Mike REFUSED to take a lie detector test. Now he's practically begging the Briggs to have the DA listen to him? Why would the DA believe anything he had to say at this point?


Remember, Raye Dawn was willing to take one but they told her she could not. The Briggs have said over and over that Raye Dawn isn't smart, yet they make up lies and say she knew that she couldn't take a polygraph because she was pregnant and that's why she was willing. Why are they so determined to have everyone hate her? Why?

(A is Mike Porter's Answer) A.I kept trying to - - but I dont - - I want to cooperate, but I dont know what else to tell you. I told Steve everything. I went over it second by second.

(Q is the OSBI) Q.So you think a polygraph is a bad idea?

A.I dont want it to be based on that. I dont want it to be, because Ive had to take one in my other custody before, and I just dont - -

Q.Well, now, we have real qualified people doing polygraphs. I dont know who did that one for you before with the child custody thing, I mean, if thats what youre scared about. I mean, I really have a lot of faith in it. Obviously, our agency does, because weve got probably eight or ten polygraph examiners. And theyre all, you know, highly qualified at what they do.

And its not something you can use in court. All it does is just a tool for us to kind of know whos telling us the truth. If you failed it or if you passed it, you know, were not going to be able to use that in court or anything. But if you did pass it, then we would have to think that your innocence, you know.

Your wife is willing to take one, but theres a problem. She cant take one. Shes pregnant. You cant take a polygraph if youre pregnant. You know, its amazing how shes willing to try to cooperate on it but youre saying that - -

A.Its not - - its not - - not willing to cooperate. Its just everybody told me that when youre under stress, its not an accurate test.

Q.Well, like you said, were all under stress.

A.Well, would you consider this an abnormal amount?

Q.Of stress? Its a lot of stress. But we deal with this all the time. I mean, we talk to people all the time that are involved in homicides.

A.Im at the same place I was with Steve with you. I have told you everything I know that happened. And I dont know - - I dont know what else I can tell you. So Im at the point where I guess Im going to have to talk to a lawyer.

Q.Well, the truth is what would be good.

A.I told you.

Q..Well, let me see if I can find your wife. Well, I dont know, man. Its just kind of - -

A.I told you everything that I - - that I know. I told you everything that I know.

Q.Well, do you want to go downstairs and wait for us?

(This concludes the interview of Michael Porter.)

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