Kelsey Smith Briggs

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Did I read that correctly?  She is “worried” about him and his case??  Hello – this is the person who has been LEGALLY CHARGED WITH THE MURDER AND SEXUAL ASSAULT of your niece.  

This is not LURING.  This is sick!!  It is evident that these parties joined together and had 1 purpose – and it wasn’t Kelsey’s Purpose!!!

If she were luring, she would have ALLOWED him to say whatever he said TO HURT HIS CASE! They wanted justice for Kelsey? More like they wanted Raye Dawn in prison no matter the cost!



Even the Menendez brothers sounded believable on their 911 tapes.  Porter was a calculating person, already living a “double” life that Raye-Dawn was completely unaware of.  Manipulators are often very good at portraying the emotions necessary at a drop of a hat.



1.       This is Kathie’s daughter.  And Kathie had the nerve to get on the stand at Raye-Dawn’s trial and say that she wasn’t aware of any animosity between or any mean things said about Raye-Dawn.

2.       She is talking about the email previously posted with her name on it M is Mike Porter.



Note that this is the 5th email between these two in a single day. 



Here Mike Porter is giving Shirica information on the “listening device” that he claims Raye-Dawn had. 



1.      There he goes acting like someone else again.  Raye-Dawn said that she only met Mike’s sisters a handful of times, there is NO WAY POSSIBLE they would know anything about her, unless it came from Mike.

2.      If the truth about Kelsey was the most important thing to him, why didn’t he go to trial and let it all hang out?  Why accept a plea deal?  Or better yet, why not let it all hang out EVEN though he took a plea deal?



This is one of the instances where the conversation jumps. There seemed to be missing pages and they exchanged phone numbers more than once. There is no telling what conversations they had outside of email.



1.      Reminds me of that old saying “isn’t’ that the pot calling the kettle black”

2.      Seems like Shirica is very good at dishing it out and talking about everyone what’s more she does it in emails to the MURDERER of her niece

3.              It's interesting how many times we see one of the Briggs calling anyone who is on their bashboard or forum a freak and saying they need to get a life. Why do the Briggs open up a forum for people to learn about Kelsey if they just want to call them "obsessed freaks"?



1.      Shirica actually informed Michael Porter, that Raye Dawn wouldn’t be charged. 

2.      Shirica then goes on to say that “he doesn’t understand the importance of the case” so she will need to remind him.  Who was it that was talking bad about people for being on a “power trip”?

3.      So they DID threaten Smothermon’s career.

4.      Raye didn’t even have charges filed against her, yet they were so confident – in an arrest, I wonder if it is because they were fabricating the information that would be needed?  Between Shirica, Mike, and Kathie – they seemed to work fairly well together on a DAILY basis.

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