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1.       We cannot begin to inform the public regarding the number of hate mails that www.freekelseysmom has received.

2.             Actually, Raye Dawn changed her mind about filing charges against Lance because Jeana, Lance's sister, talked her out of it. She was on her way to the courthouse. There are multiple witnesses who have come forward with reports of seeing Raye Dawn with black eyes, etc. while she was with Lance. Raye Dawn's and Lance's first baby detached from the uterus and miscarried after one of Lance's beatings.

3.       More bashing, building that “rapport” that will be needed to conspire to get Raye-Dawn



1.       This is MIKE typing this!  Note where he says” My secretary’s husband and Chris’s dad are best friends.”  Additionally:  There are too many personal things in here for Michael’s Sister to have been the person writing the note (unless Mike was standing right there telling her what to say) Raye-Dawn had only met Mikes sisters a few times, there is NO WAY that they could KNOW any of the information in this note, it would have ALL had to come from MIKE...and IT DID!



2.       Notice: the hatred and anger in this note.  The bad blood was already being boiled as early as Jan. 1, 2006!!! (less than 3 months after Kelsey’s death) – This is trash, with NO documentation to back up even a single word.


3.       Mike says: “She is the alcoholic, she is the one who is a sex addict, she is the one with anger problems, she is the jealous one, she is the controlling possessive one, and she is the one who killed Kelsey”. But when he talks about himself: not once does she (he) say that Mike didn’t kill Kelsey, never took the opportunity to say he is “innocent”…that is puzzling?  That should have been the next line in the sequence….right?


4.       Mike says: “As far as the baby goes, she didn’t want to be pregnant” then says “ I know because she told me” – so is this pick and choose?  You get to pick and choose which things Raye-Dawn says are lies and which are the truth?  Seems that anything that wasn’t in HER favor – was the truth, and anything that was negative about her was the God’s Honest Truth….

5.       Mike says: I know there were no marks on her (referring to Lance’s abuse) – how is that possible?  They never met before October 15, 2004 –


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I know Raye and I'm very glad to say I do shes a wonderful person and she has a wonderful family. Oh just an fyi the abuse she suffered physically and mentally in her first marriage was evident to many people, black eyes and broken out front windshields dont lie or maybe we should say she blacked her own eyes?
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Or even better Felicia how about a house torn to pieces because someone had such a bad temper that he would just go through the house breaking crap!!! I saw this myself!! Poor girl she has been through so much.



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They have videos of the house after Lance went thru destroying everything in that house. I know 1 night, Raye was sitting on the porch with a her younger sister laughing and giggling and Lance was out back and he came up grabbed Raye's arm and drug her in the house and locked the younger sister out. She was locked out of the house running from door to door screaming because she could see thru the windows Lance on top of Raye beating the crap out of her. When he got finished, he unlocked the door and went back outside and they called their dad and went to where they were. Raye was bleeding from her nose and her mouth. I don't remember if that was one of the times the police were called but the girls left with Ray (her dad) but Lance told Ray that Raye Dawn was NOT leaving. But in the end he saw it Ray Smiths way.



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I know the police officers were supposed to be watching her house after the separation and it was a police officer that found the door standing wide open the time he terrorized the house because they went to Raye's work to see if she was ok and told her that she needed to come with them. It was a known fact around town that he beat the crap out of her. I know there were some police reports filed, I don't remember which occasions. I think this was one of them. I know she looked horrible the next day. And I know there was a police report when she forgot to supersize a McDonald Meal and she got the crap beat out of her for that too. I have had the crap knocked out of me before and I would leave but I always heard how sorry he was and he didn't know what got into him and how sorry he was and it would never happen again. And it would over and over. My mom would beg me not to go back. And it was finally like someone hit me over the head one morning and I realized I didn't have to live like this and wasn't going too. And I was gone that day when he got home from work and never went back and he still has that horrible temper



1.       Lance was in rehab as late as Oct. 2005 in Ft. Benning, Georgia – for becoming addicted to pain killers.  This is where Lance was and where he had been for two months prior to Kelsey’s death.  They always try to paint Lance as a war hero.  Yes he was a soldier in Iraq, yes he served for 2 months before his addiction was discovered and he was forced into rehab.


2.       Lance is forgiven by his family for his failures – but why can’t they seem to do the same for Raye-Dawn?  Lance was never at even a single custody hearing on behalf of his daughter and he was in Shawnee on the day of at least one of them - Raye-Dawn was at every single hearing.  She was no saint, she doesn’t claim to be.  Why is it so hard to see past her bad choices?  Is it because she is a mother??  Does she somehow have more responsibility than the father?  And because of that she doesn’t deserve the same forgiveness for her past????....hummmm  



3.        He never hit Ashley: This is TRUE 100% that we know of; Ashley has never publicly accused him of hitting her. However, AFTER Ashley, he had another VOP filed against him by two different women for another domestic violence issue and he was charged with domestic violence on both counts.

4.       Shirica states: “After the last time we saw Kelsey in the condition she was in she was afraid Raye would continue to torture her even more if she kept fighting so she stopped.” This is now the 3rd different explanation that the Briggs have given for not showing up at the hearing that was requested to end the Briggs' visitation with Kelsey on Sept. 8th.  1st was that they didn’t get court papers, 2nd was that DHS was mean and said bad things about Kathie, and now this??  Which is it??  Personally, if you are going for the sympathy vote, I’d stick with the last one it -  “sounds the most pitiful”!!!


5.       Ashley Gober, are you reading this???  Shirica says “ Lance has lost a lot and in part we feel that Ashley contributed to that”- when will the Briggs accept the FACT that Lance was NOT THERE for his daughter, and quit blaming it on everyone else.  They have even stood behind the military and used them as a crutch.  This is how the Briggs are – sweet to your face but talking trash about you in emails to the MURDERER of your step-daughter!!


6.       Shirica says: “I think you’re doing a great job with fueling the Raye talk.” – showing that it was a main goal to keep the “talk” up about Raye-Dawn, truth or lies – it didn’t’ seem to matter…


7.       FINALLY!! Some genuine questions about Kelsey…..

8.       The OCCY Report states that Kelsey lost weight, and her hair fell out in Kathie’s care. 




9.       The Briggs have stated on their website that they conspired in these emails in an attempt to “lure” Mike in, well were they trying to lure everyone in when they stated :


“There are things stated on the website or the blog that may seem anti-Mike and she (Kathie)does not want you to assume that any of us automatically think Mike is guilty of Murder, it is sometimes necessary to try to get a reaction out of people to get them to talk, more specifically Raye-Dawn’s family.”


This is a perfect example of the back stabbing deception that was going on for the duration of this case.

10.   Shirica said: “ I do want to WARN you about a thing or two where that is concerned (OSBI Investigation), but not on here” – this is a definite indication that there were meetings or phone calls that were illegal in nature because they were sharing information about an ongoing investigation with the DEFENDANT!!  How crazy is that???  Then to offer “insight” in the DA???


11.   The whole spill about trust is rather “comical” – it is quite obvious that these people can’t be trusted.  She was stating how secret everything was, yet she was printing up the emails (but promised to delete them) and now goes into.


12.   Shirica says: “I appreciate you taking a chance with this”.  Hummmm perhaps all parties were aware of the legalities of their secret illegal communications.



Again, this is MICHEAL PORTER TYPING.  As previously stated, Raye-Dawn was not close enough to Michael Porter’s sisters for them to be privy to this kind of information and Sherica admitted that she found out it was MICHAEL PORTER pretending to be his sister. 

1.       Why on earth would Raye-Dawn work WITH Kathie at this point?  Kathie seemingly accused Raye-Dawn of causing Kelsey’s death from the beginning as is evident in her emails.


2.       It is not UNUSUAL for a bond to be set for a person accused of homicide, depending on the surrounding circumstances.  BOND has NOTHING to do with the amount of evidence that was obtained, the charges do – and OBVIOUSLY they had enough forensic evidence to file charges with a District Court and a warrant was issued.


3.       “I can assure you that this is a secret email address” – this was said right as they were asking about the OSBI investigation and wanting to know what the DA was up to.  Trying to obtain investigation information from the family of the victim.  VIOLATION of BOND!! This shows a true disregard for the law on the part of Michael Porter.


4.       “Could he really have done everything they say in 15 minutes or less?” – Raye-Dawn left at 2:45pm, the first call was dispatched at 3:16 – that’s 31 minutes.  A person can “bleed out” in a matter of 3-4 minutes, and suffer permanent brain injury after 4-6 minutes.  One of the perforations in Kelsey’s intestines was 3cm in length that is around 1”!! (Incidentally about the width of a male fingertip which can be considered medically as a “blunt force object”) Also, in Michael Porter’s original statement to OSBI, he was in the room with Raye-Dawn and Kelsey before Raye-Dawn woke up and left, if Kelsey was already in distress, given the severity of her injuries, wouldn’t he have noticed SOMETHING??? 


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