Kelsey Smith Briggs

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1.       So as early as 12/30/05 they were discussing meeting.  Why not handle this through court mediation?  They knew it was illegal, yet all parties pursued.  This causes serious questions with regard to MOTIVE.


2.       As early as 12/30/05 all parties seem to agree that they are AGAINST Raye-Dawn. (Although she was not a suspect, nor had she been charged with any crime)



3.        Notice that it states “We all know that your family was fighting for Kelsey” (was this a reference to custody, or helping Kelsey


4.        “But he refuses to give his life so the person who is responsible can walk free” –  Keep this in mind for future emails when they begin to discuss what Michael “will agree to”….



1.       This is the 3rd correspondence in a single day – yet during the trial they couldn’t remember that there had been “dozens” of emails.  Convenient??


2.       Notice that Shirica wanted to meet on the same day that the emails were initiated!!


3.       Did she/they ever think to question the legality of such a meeting? 



1.       Note the CYOA – (cover your own a$$)


2.       Why doesn’t she want anyone to know what she is doing here?  Possibly because it was ILLEGAL for them to be in contact at that time?  Possibly because they were conspiring? 



3.       They had also exchanged cell phone numbers – Lord knows how often they spoke…




1.       Shirica was sharing information about the investigation with the defendant??  Isn't that ILLEGAL???




1.        Read the letter on bottom first – then it will help to clear up what the person in the top letter is talking about.

2.       As you can see from BEFORE Raye-Dawn was never even convicted the Briggs and the Porter’s were “teaming” up – and accusing Raye-Dawn and anyone who supported her.


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