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1. I'll start with Kathie's comment at the bottom of the page that begins her email. "I want Raye Dawn in jail and I want her charged with murder" is what Kathie said. Raye Dawn wasn't home when Kelsey was killed. We've spoken to expert witnesses in murder cases and experts in this field and they said it's impossible for Raye Dawn to have beaten Kelsey, stood over her while she slept for moments with Mike standing there behind Raye Dawn, and Raye Dawn left and at a minimum of 46 minutes later when the EMT arrived Kelsey had just then started to turn blue in her lips. It's impossible!! Kelsey wouldn't have been sleeping soundly if Raye Dawn had done anything to her and with a hole in Kelsey's pancreas the size of a tip of a finger she would have bled out within 7 minutes at the most and lost her oxygen within 3 to 4 minutes. That's 10 to 11 minutes. Mike called 911 at 3:16, the EMT arrived at 3:27 and when Gayla arrived and carried Kelsey to the EMT worker Kelsey's lips had just turned blue. The evidence proves that Mike Porter did whatever he had done to Kelsey, took time to go into the bathroom linen closet and put a pull up on Kelsey (there were only two left and Raye Dawn laid her down without one because she was almost out). Mike Porter cleaned Kelsey up in the kitchen on the bar, called Gayla, and then called 911. Kathie obviously could care less who killed Kelsey, she just wanted Raye Dawn to pay.

2. Mike said there was nothing that would exclude her. I beg to differ. He murdered that baby.

3. He found Kelsey in the state of sleeping soundly once her mom left. Maybe Kelsey woke up and cried for her mom and Mike couldn't take it, but Mike had abused Kelsey on at least one previous occasion according to his daughter Whitney so maybe he got carried away. Only Mike knows what he did that day.

4. That's right Mike, they are police tactics. The OSBI would have to be a bunch of idiots to automatically believe the one home who refused a lie detector test was innocent and the one who wasn't even home who volunteered to take a lie detector test was guilty.

5. I once thought Kelsey's death was accidental as well. But the further I've dug into this case the more I've realized that Mike Porter did abuse her physically and sexually and he's worked hard to manipulate everyone involved.

6. The investigator was telling Mike he needed to be rational. Hmm...was he putting on a show there too like he did at the hospital when he "passed out," said "she'll never forgive me" and all but confessed to a pastor?

7. We don't know what actually happened in that car, but Raye Dawn was told during her interview that Mike refused to take a lie detector test. She was in shock and she had lost her baby and the man she trusted and left caring for her child had refused a lie detector test! I wouldn't talk to him either!

8. Mike was playing on what Kathie wanted. He knew Kathie hated Gayla and he offered her up to Kathie as well. Gayla's family knew what a bad mom Kathie was to her kids. They were witnesses to Kathie dropping her kids off anywhere and everywhere just to get rid of them. They saw how dirty Kathie's kids always were. And they were around in 1979 when Kathie took her kids to the courthouse steps and said, "If you don't take these kids I'll kill them." Kathie was wild, has multiple fathers for her kids, kidnapped a guy and refused to let him go home until the next morning when she was a teenager or in her early twenties, and she has the nerve to call Raye Dawn a hussy? Kathie hates Gayla and her entire family and the only reason I can figure out is because they live in a small town and Gayla's family knows who Kathie really is.

9. "No one will know what I'm doing for the same reasons no one will know what you're doing." Very damaging statement!



1. She tried to save Kelsey from an abusive life? Kathie was one of the suspects in the abuse. The two times there was documented abuse against Kelsey, she had been with both Kathie and Lance.

2. "I know they are evil and manipulative." Showing her hate again when she should have been saying that to Mike Porter.

3. If she's fighting for the truth then why hasn't she posted any actual documentation that tells the truth on her site? Why weren't these emails posted? Why has she worked so hard to make her drug addict son who didn't show up for a single hearing out to be dad of the year and a war hero? I've seen no truth in anything she's done.

4. "I really wanted her in jail by now and the wait is making me nuts." What about Mike Porter being in jail?

5. "Honestly I want both her and Gayla in jail" Why is she always including Gayla? Kathie is the one who neglected Kelsey when she broke her legs. Gayla was never a suspect in any of the "abuse."

6. "I am willing to help you."

7. "I will question every move he makes" In all the emails she's contacting Smothermon or has contacted him and is questioning him. In Raye Dawn's trial she stated that she didn't call him often. Give me a break! She harassed him!

8. "She probably thought she need to file before Lance did." She's discussing Lance's many lawsuits and Raye Dawn was simply trying to defend herself. Isn't it just about money for everyone Kathie!

9. Why would Raye Dawn need to retain executor rights to Kelsey? Why would that be one of the first things Lance fought for...oh yeah! For money. Duh!

10. If I had been Raye Dawn and had been beaten by Lance as many times as she had and I found out I was pregnant, I would march straight to the courthouse and get a divorce and PRAY that the baby was not his. If Raye Dawn lied about not knowing about the pregnancy, I don't blame her.

11. "Do you need me to park around the corner and drive you over there?" Kathie's second offer to give the murderer of her grandchild a ride. Anyone else find that creepy?



1. OMG!!! To me, her comments about seeing the autopsy photos of her murdered grandchild are cold, callous, and uncaring. I would have nightmares if I had to look at something like that, regardless of the face being covered. It's sick and disgusting and cold!

2. "maybe tomorrow we will be together when we get the call she's in jail" What about the murderer you're telling that to? Why aren't you at all disgusted by him?

3. I would have my phone tapped if I were to talk to that man.

4. Again, she worries about his comfort. Whatever!

5. She brings up Gayla in every line of questioning. Why?

6. Mike ate just fine the night Kelsey died. And Kathie told him all the details about how her family took the news. This is just not right at all!



1. "Money is not an object" - music to Kathie's ears.

2. Mike Porter is excited in this email because he just bought himself a plea.

3. Kelsey's life was worth a million of his lives. He murdered her.

4. His signs mean to him to put everyone in jail but himself. Sick!

5. Raye Dawn never would say she killed her child, even jokingly. She wouldn't even take a plea for spanking her with a brush because she didn't do it. Mike was putting out there everything he could to get Kathie to play his game.

6. Mike never saw Raye Dawn and Gayla at Quail Springs Mall - another lie because they weren't there.

7. She was worried about his financial well-being and his feelings. What?

8. About the signs, Kathie told Mike, "You could have a large one and attach it to the outside of your business." Mike followed her suggestion. Kathie posted on her forum in Jan, 2008 - "As for Mike Porter and my desire for his early release. I will NEVER be in favor of him getting out of prison. When he comes up for parole in 25 years our family will be there to fight against it. He is an evil monster that should never be free and allowed around children. I do not regret the communication I had with him because it helped Kelsey's case. If I had it to do all over again, I would. It made me sick when he plastered his place of business with Kelsey's stickers. I knew he was doing it for a big show and we used his desire to please us to gain information about many things." Kathie finally admitted that Mike Porter is an "evil monster" and spoke of the disgusting "make you want to vomit" child porn that Mike had on his computer. Yet she suggested he put signs up at his business. She sent him pictures of Kelsey. Who is she to turn around and then say it made her sick?


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