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1. He didn't respond to her questions in the email, but I'm sure they were discussed in their "meeting."

2. He already had Shirica's phone number. Phone numbers were exchanged several times.



Gayla said this never happened. She never saw Mike Porter and I think she said they didn't go to the mall around that time. This is another lie to get on Kathie's good side. He's doing all he can to point the finger in Raye Dawn's direction.

Mike had mentioned Raye Dawn's behavior after Kelsey died.

Raye Dawn -

When she pulled up to her house and saw one emergency responder handing Kelsey over to another she yelled, "What's wrong with my baby?"

She rode in the ambulance with Kelsey to the hospital.

She held Kelsey after she was pronounced dead for quite a while and rocked her.

She wanted an autopsy to find out what happened to her baby.

She didn't eat or sleep the night Kelsey died and just cried all night.

She has been adamant about NOBODY making money off the death of her child.

She signed all her emails and now her letters "Kelsey and Blaine's mommy"

She loves her child and still talks to her to this day.


Mike Porter -

Claims he did CPR - but there is no proof.

Was the only one home and the only possible suspect to killing Kelsey.

Lied to Raye Dawn and her family about several things.

Screamed out to God after holding Kelsey for who knows how long and AFTER Gayla took Kelsey and the EMT worker took Kelsey, Kelsey's lips turned blue.

Passed out in the hospital parking lot.

All but confessed to a pastor.

Hit his fist on his truck in front of a police officer and said, "She'll never forgive me."

His own daughter said he abused Kelsey when nobody was around.

He slept like a baby the night Kelsey died.

He ate a sandwich the night Kelsey died and was looking for chips.

He said he was going to shoot himself and looked for his gun and opened the drawer where the gun was kept, saw it, closed it and pretended not to see it and kept looking.

He said he took an entire bottle of Tylenol, but refused to go to the hospital. The pills he "took" were found thrown under the nightstand.

His story doesn't add up and there aren't enough details and what he's said doesn't make sense.

He teamed up with the Briggs to try to get off and put Raye Dawn in jail.


1. Nice quote from Richard. Obviously he was just blowing smoke because Richard knows he put an innocent woman in prison.

2. Why, if the Briggs were only using Mike to "lure and bait and use" would Jeanna use her email that we pay for as US Citizens to do so? Why would she give him all of her government contact information? Isn't it a federal crime to use our tax money for this? I wonder how many hours that I paid for as a citizen did she spend talking to the man who murdered and sexually assaulted her niece.

3. Raye Dawn was never a murder suspect, not to my knowledge anyway. Mike Porter just wanted her to be one.

4. Mike is pretending again to be someone he's not. Or was his third person reference a slip?

5. I guess Mike liked being anonymous - tipster, donor - he didn't want his name out there did he?


6. Mike REFUSED to take a lie detector test! Why would anyone believe a word he had to say? They had their man. He was just desperate to escape jail and the death penalty.



How is helping keeping the privacy of the man who murdered Kelsey helping with justice for Kelsey? The Briggs already knew that Mike Porter was on the bash board and they knew who he was. Mike Porter must have been told that a woman (whose name I won't mention) was running the board and so he started working on her and manipulating her as well. Could this be the same woman who is currently writing Mike Porter in prison? The woman whose ex-husband is in jail for sexual assault to a child? The woman who has told friends that she's in love with Mike Porter and is taking her three children and leaving her husband for him? Hm....

This woman was a member of our forum for a while and seemed to be a likeable and caring person with a good head on her shoulders. Is Mike Porter that talented at manipulation that he could sway someone who had been down that road before? Apparently so.



1. Kathie has stated since her forum has been reinstated that she had no knowledge of Mike Porter ever having stickers or signs and she had nothing to do with that. Here we see otherwise.

2. This is evidence of Kathie stalking the Smiths. More is to come later. She knew a lot about whose car was where, etc. during this entire ordeal. Someone asked Raye Dawn once if Kathie worked. Raye Dawn replied, "I'm Kathie's job!"

3. I have nothing to say about the rest of Kathie's email because this is one of the few times that she has sounded like a grandma, to me.

4. In my opinion, Mike Porter shouldn't have had freedom after Kelsey's murder. I heard today that there was evidence of a previous sexual assault on Kelsey before the day she died. With the child porn found on Mike's computer I don't doubt that. His should have been struggling. In my opinion.

5. Of course he was lost without his children. He's a pedophile!

6. He didn't fail Kelsey, he murdered her!

7. Why would he trust Raye Dawn with the life of her own daughter? A daughter, I might add, who was perfectly fine and safe before the time period where Kathie got visitation and Mike started dating Raye Dawn!

8. Raye Dawn NEVER had money after she had to quit her job to make all the classes and court hearings to win back her daughter. Mike didn't provide for her. Raye Dawn had to borrow money from her mom to buy Kelsey a hamburger. Raye Dawn had to borrow money from her mom to pay for their car tag and in the same month Mike Porter bought a car tag for his son's mom. Raye Dawn and Kelsey always came last when it came to finances. Raye Dawn used her good credit to buy their home. Mike's home was foreclosed. Mike's vehicle was repossessed. Raye Dawn's credit was so good she could buy a home and Mike was behind on child support and his finances were not what he portrayed them to be.

9. Most pedophiles do spend their time playing with children instead of adults. The children are their target!

10. Debbie Hammons is mentioned several times in the emails. She is the mother of Raye Dawn's cousin. Debbie was married to Raye Dawn's uncle (Gayla Smith's brother) for 30 or 40 years. Gayla and Debbie were good friends. The Smiths still included Debbie in all of their family gatherings, even after Debbie and her husband divorced. Debbie's son married Jeanna, Kathie Briggs' daughter. Debbie and Jeanna are sitting together in the video of Kelsey's baby shower. They were in the video of Kelsey's first birthday. Jeanna talked Raye Dawn into not showing up to enforce the VPO against Lance. Jeanna and Raye Dawn were friends and Debbie and Gayla were friends. Debbie told Gayla before January of 2005 that the Smiths needed to get ready for a bitter custody battle. Too bad that battle was a contributor to the end of Kelsey's life.

11. Again, Mike is the one who refused a lie detector test, not Raye Dawn.

12. Mike and Kathie shared information throughout the emails. Why Kathie and Mike weren't charged with obstruction of justice, I have no clue.

13. Raye Dawn and Lance were separated when she started dating Jason. How does having two possible fathers make Raye Dawn a suspect in her child's murder?

14. Notice he refers to Raye Dawn as "the Spawn of Satan." This is but one instance where Mike and Kathie show their mutual hatred for Raye Dawn.


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