Kelsey Smith Briggs

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1.       Shouldn’t they have been extremely concerned that the family of the person who was OFFICIALLY CHARGED with the MURDER and SEXUAL ASSAULT of their niece would want to attend a rally in her memory.  Mainly for their safety.

2.       I am sorry but if you are trying to LURE someone in you don’t need to discuss your children or give out their personal information a birth date, is just too personal, it’s like they completely FORGET that this man is CHARGED LEGALLY with their family member's MURDER!!!!

3.       Come up with a plan!!  Hummm.  The DA not working fast enough for you?  Not going in the direction you want him to?  Just team up with the murderer and his family, then you will get what you want!!!

4.       Just as trustworthy as Shirica….umm yeah that turned out well!!



1.       This is Kathie’s daughter.  And Kathie had the nerve to get on the stand at Raye-Dawn’s trial and say that she wasn’t aware of any animosity between or any mean things said about Raye-Dawn.

2.       She is talking about the email previously posted with her name on it M is Mike Porter.



1.       Where are these “phone records?  Why have they never surfaced?  It seems to me if Mike REALLY wanted Justice for Kelsey all of this would have been released regardless of what he decided to do legally.  Right?


2.       In the preliminary hearing the testimony of Mike's witness Michael Taber –the times all corresponded with Raye-Dawn’s testimony….hummmmm, proof she wasn’t lying..



Notice how many emails they have between them.  Just little one liners.  Is that baiting?  Luring? It  seems more like they are building a rapport. Also, you have to love the fact that they do refer to it as “bashboard’ – look at the subject.



So Mike was a regular member of Kelsey’s purpose –interesting…. To say the least.

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