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Dirty Little Secret by All American Rejects


1. This is one of the most telling emails. Kathie is determined that Raye Dawn has no chance at any kind of deal, but she OFFERS a deal for Mike Porter and despite their claims that they never talked to the DA on their behalf, Kathie clearly states she did talk to her attorneys on Mike Porter's behalf and wants to take people down. Why not take Mike down?


2. There isn't much out there on this grand jury. I have a feeling it's because Kathie didn't get her way that the media barely covered it. Apparently, the grand jury was used by Smothermon to get the facts out of the witnesses in the case.


3. Again, Mike Porter is willing to tell Kathie whatever she wants as long as she helps him frame Raye Dawn for murder. The conspiracy continues.



1. Let's start with Kathie's email. What happened on Saturday, February, 25th, 2006 or the Friday before that has Kathie all up in arms about Smothermon's treatment of Raye Dawn? After going back over the timeline, this is when Raye Dawn was formally charged with abuse or enabling abuse. Remember that Kathie wanted murder charges. She's obviously not gotten her way so she's going to "take down" everyone else. Something that needs to be understood is from everything I've read and seen, Raye Dawn was NEVER a suspect for the murder of Kelsey or the sexual abuse. She was only a suspect for allowing Mike Porter to abuse Kelsey or "should have known." Kathie is determined that she is treated like she should have been treating Mike Porter all along, like a murderer. Why?


2. "Richard seems to think he works for them too." What? Who did she think he worked for??


3. "There is no problem between the Porters and the Briggs." Why not? Why so much hatred and resentment for the Smiths and their entire family and not the Porters? Why say "The crime is not the fault of other family members" and then want to hang all the Smiths? That doesn't make sense!


4. Now for Mike's email - NO deal for RD, huh? Smothermon offered RD plenty of deals but she wasn't willing to say she did something to Kelsey when she didn't.

5.  Of course he was using her for info. Hello!!!


6. Richard was reluctant to prosecute RD because she's innocent and Richard admitted that to more than one person. The charges came only because of Kathie's relentless push for them. Too bad she didn't hate Mike Porter the way she hates Raye Dawn.


7. "I do not want to put it in email." It's obvious the Briggs and Mike Porter shared many conversations "not in email." What else did they discuss?


8. What happened to his trust?


9. He never had anything to gain by speaking to Kathie?? Let's see, he avoided going to trial for murder and sexual assault. He avoided his child porn collection being exposed. He avoided the public hearing what his daughter saw when she spied on him. The Briggs NEVER discussed those little tidbits until someone else brought them up and they still gloss over them and go back to Raye Dawn. Why? He avoided anyone finding out where he had been all day the day Kelsey died. He avoided the death penalty. He had plenty to gain!


10. Vindictive? Huh? He was lying to you, Kathie! When will you see that?


11. Why haven't his "writings of everything he knows" ever been made public? What did he send to you Kathie?


12. Sure! She'll keep your correspondence confidential. The parts she doesn't want the rest of us to see anyway. You know, the parts that prove your guilt and prove RD's innocence. Those can never be made public by the Briggs. They hate Raye Dawn too much to allow the truth to be heard.


That's why this is the very last communication we have between Mike Porter and Kathie Briggs. Where are the rest? They weren't turned over to the DA, or they got "lost" in the DA's office. Where are they? Where are the missing days from the emails? What happened next? I'm sure we'll never know. We've been accused of altering these emails or not publishing all of them. If that were true, we would have left out all the smut talk about Raye Dawn and her family. We've left NOTHING out and have published everything we have of these emails. What else are they hiding?


Now that you can clearly see why Raye Dawn is in prison and who put her there, please help her mother and grandmother pay for her defense.



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